World faces bio-terrorism

GOPAL MISRA tries to go through the heap of information, unsubstantiated or official, but zeroes on the fact that mankind is “ill-prepared” to face this ongoing “biological war”. The situation is “pathetic” in India, where the ruling elite, whether in the government or in the opposition or in the government systems, including scientists and civil servants, betray unpardonable “ignorance”. A cycle of death-trail has gripped India. The situation worsens with the growing intolerance of the powers-that-be accompanied by a non-scientific approach, rhetoric and invoking the state power to stifle the voices of reason

The on-going worldwide debate, whether the pandemic is caused by a ‘man-made’ strain of the Corona Virus or it is natural phenomenon, could have lost much of its relevance, if China had allowed ‘transparent’ international team to visit its Wuhan facility. The request is being declined for the past 18 months, since the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic during the last quarter of 2019. China has successfully countered any open enquiry by organizing or manipulating ‘friendly’ investigators under the banner of the WHO. The erstwhile US president, Donald Trump, was keen to get China punished for his deeds, but the Russian president, Vladimir Putin, and Indian Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, reportedly dissuaded him. Trump was also under extreme pressure of his political rivals during the 2020, presidential election year, which actually prevented him to take effective measures against the key players of these global conspirators. It is also an unresolved mystery, why as many as 77 US Nobel laureates and 31 scientific societies rallied in condemning Trump’s decision to stop the grant to the researchers and their organizations having close ties with Wuhan facilities.

The ‘nexus’ between a powerful lobby comprising giant corporate, a section of the US federal government and the Chinese came to the fore on May 11, 2021, during the clash in the US Senate between Paul and Fauci. Dr.Fauciis is now known for being instrumental in siphoning off huge American funding to an American virologist, Dr. Baric, and who has been collaborating with Dr. Shi Zhengli of the Wuhan Virology Institute.

Dr Fauci could not clearly state, when Paul asked, “Why did he (Dr. Baric) share his discoveries about the technology of creating super-viruses” with the Chinese. Dr.Fauci’s denial appeared to be weak, when Paul further questioned, “Will you categorically say that the COVID-19 could not have occurred through serial passage in a laboratory?” Fauci denied that “I do not have any accounting of what the Chinese may have done, and I am fully in favour of any further investigation of what went on in China.” Thus, Faucci’s lame excuses or replies have given legitimacy to Dr. David E. Martin’s dossier on Covid-19. Martin’s assertion of ‘hard evidence‘ that the super viruses being developed could be used against mankind needs to be looked in. If Dr.Fucci had revealed the full facts, Martin’s claim could have been dismissed as yet another fictional piece, or extension of his famous novel, “Apostles of Power: Theft of an Empire”.

India, as usual being a land of the ‘innocents’, was caught unawares, when the pandemic broke out in early 2020. It’s Union Health Minister Harsh Vardhan, though claims to be a medical professional, who also heads the Ministry of Science and Technology having an annual outlay of more than USD 12 billion, appeared to be as ignorant as a man in the street. His priority has been how to legitimatize or approve the traditional medicines or experienced treatments on the basis of modern sciences instead of keeping abreast of the state-of-the-art researches taking place in the modern sciences.

The scientists and medical researchers working under the various institutions such as ICMR (Indian Council of Medical Research) and others under Harsh Vardhan too betrayed their ‘unpardonable ignorance’ during the past 18 months. Instead of asking the quality of their research or its use, the he appeared to be allowing them with ‘misinformation’, causing unprecedented deaths across the country.

In an open letter published in a number of newspapers, an army doctor, General (retired) V.K. Sinha, exposes the guidelines issues by the All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS). In an open letter to the AIIMS director Randeep Guleria, Sinhaasks “Why did AIIMS in its April 07, 2020 guidelines prescribed Ivermectin, when just a month before WHO had stated that the use of Ivermectin to treat Covid-19 patients is inconclusive. It took another few months for Harsh Vardhan and his protégés in the government to oppose its use, which was already dropped from the WHO list of medicines. During these three months, the similar promotion of Remdesivir, another medicine was promoted, which enabled its black marketing profiting many close to the ruling party be politicians or the pharmaceutical companies or their dealers.

The cruel role of the AIIMS and ICMR was exposed because it was found useless in treating the Tamiflu. Similarly, the use of steroids and plasma therapy had the endorsement of the AIIMS, which they are now opposing. In this context, it is not surprising that most of the medical professionals, both in India and abroad, consider the quacks or the ‘jholachhap’ doctors’ advice more credible than the high-profile globe-trotting; also a quake may give wrong advice to a few, but they used their ‘high-profile’ positions to guide the nation of 1.2 billion, they actually did not receive correct advice, if not ‘misguided’. It has also undermined the prestige of the seven-year old Narendra Modi government, as well as the institutions, which had earned respect across the world for their commitment to science and truth.

Instead of legitimizing the experts of the traditional medicines, Harsh Vardhan, if he has really any scientific or medical background, should have monitored the working of the Indian scientists, who have been frequenting China during the past 10 years. His ministry is also expected to issue a “White Paper” on the migration of young bright scientists to China. Instead of sharing the facts, he is reportedly forcing non-virologists like Guleriato to confuse the victims of the pandemic. The number of sufferers includes legislators and activists belonging to the ruling BJP, succumbing without adequate medical care in states like UP.

 Biden in dilemma

Meanwhile, in US few are ready to accept the weak excuses of Dr Fauci. During the past five months, president Joe Biden and his associates must have realized that Trump’s policies were correct, and the US systems, academia, business and corporate has to be freed from the Chinese proxies. They have successfully penetrated every sector of the US. It is also in the public domain that there was collaboration between Fauci’s National

Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases and the Eco-Health Alliance (ECA), an organization of bill Gates and his ex-wife, Melinda. The senate debate has revealed the depth of the Chinese penetration in the US systems, and its ‘helplessness’. Interestingly, the US Federal funding to the tune of USD 7.5 million to the Corona Virus research at Wuhan was through the ECA. It goes to the credit of Trump that he dared to cancel funds to the ECA, which could have continued its collaboration with China till 2024.Fortunately, the Corona Virus leak had alerted the American security establishment, when the chairman of the Joint Staff had stated that the US intelligence is investigating the role of the ECA and the role of the Wuhan laboratories in leaking the virus.

Being election year, Biden and his Democratic Party, perhaps, innocently, joined hands in condemning Trump’s decision. Now Biden administration finds itself in a fix; it is unable to restore grants to the ECA. It has worked out a formula, maybe a face saving formula, that the requisite to get the federal funds is that the ECA has to secure access to the Wuhan Institute of Virology for U.S. investigators and a virus sample from Wuhan. The Chinese government has already rejected this suggestion. It means the ECA would be denied funds at least for the time being; in other words it might be difficult for the Biden administration to release funds to the ECH.

Dr Martin’s logic

Dr. Martin’s much-claimed fact sheet says that ECA and the Wuhan facilities had started this Corona Virus research alliance in 2002 during SARS epidemic. The Chinese scientist, Shi Zhengli of Wuhan, is known from public documents, according to the Washington Post, to be conducting controversial gain-of-function experiments, which involves genetically modifying viruses to make them more infectious in an effort to better understand them, Shi Zhengli has said that the genetic sequence of the Novel Corona Virus that caused the pandemic does not match bat viruses that the lab had earlier sampled from caves in China.

Many consider his approach in exposing corruption as full of ‘malaise” or notorious, but his document, now in public domain, reveals, “in the contemporary world people have control in only the most mundane daily decisions, there are those manipulating nations at the highest levels.”Martin is credited as a developer of several innovation-based quantitative indices of public equities and founder of the Purple Bridge Funds and M-CAM International. He has worked closely with the United States Congress and numerous trade and financial regulatory agencies in America. Since 1999, he has been actively tracking patent applications and approvals for the purpose of identifying suspicious activity. His controversial statement on a video says that the laboratory development of a pathogenic Corona Virus that started in 1999 and was released initially upon human populations in the SARS CoV-1 in 2002-2003, then again in MERS (Middle East Respiratory Syndrome in 2012, and then again in SARS CoV-2 which was renamed COVID-19, as shown below with evidence from the primary development lab in Wuhan China.

He stated, “In my opinion, the evidence presented below along with additional evidence presented in the video proves that all of these pathogenic variants of the Corona Virus were laboratory-developed, ‘man-made bio-weapons. For the funding of these researches, he focuses on Dr. Anthony Fauci, who did not counter these allegations during the Senate debate but pleaded for a thorough enquiry in the functioning of the Wuhan facilities, which he knows China would never permit.

He further states, “Historically, Corona Viruses have not been associated with significant illnesses in humans. So how is it that suddenly in 2002 going into 2003 that we have this magical alteration in beta coronaviruses that suddenly makes them lethal?And it’s very important to understand that happened in 1999 and the work that was done between 1999 and then published in 2002 and 2003 actually started suggesting that there were parts of the coronavirus that could be modified, specifically the Ace-2 receptor and the S-1 spike protein, that could be modified to increase the degree to which the coronavirus could represent a health threat to humans. He further says that since 2003, an increased amount of funding going into the CoronaVirus research, and the research was specifically focused on, not only the detection of but also the amplification of the pathogenicity of SARS CoronaVirus. He attributes his statement to the published records of Ralph Baric’slaboratory, which had started research in the USA, that the researches were specifically targeting the tissue that is going to be highly susceptible in the lungs and potentially susceptible in the kidneys because the Ace-2 receptor seems to be something that has an enormous amount of attraction in terms of the research. In an initial research a few American scientists, Paul Insel, Professor of Pharmacology and Medicine, University of California San Diego, and his two Indian associates, RohitLoomba, Professor of Medicine, University of California San Diego, and Krishna Sriram, Postdoctoral Fellow, University of California San Diego, had found that a specific protein that allows the virus to infect human cells identified as the angiotensin-converting enzyme 2, or ACE2 “receptor,”. It is a protein, which provides the entry point for the Corona Virus to hook into and infect a wide range of human cells.

Martin further says that during this entire period, it was claimed that the research was necessary to evolve adequate responses to tackle the outbreak if it ever occurs, but there was no vaccine, there was no treatment and there was no diagnostic developed. And that is because the Centre for Disease Control also filed patents on the detection of CoronaVirus and on its treatment. In other words, they built a patent thicket around beta coronavirus stimulating SARS through which independent inquiry could not happen outside of the important exception, which is people who would play their game.

It is also revealed that Ralph Baric’s patents and the patents held by the Centre for Disease Control, succeeded in obtaing5,111 patents that were issued from the period across from 2003 right up until 2019. These patents were all issued within this interesting funding and research and inter-related directorates and inter-related corporate private-public partnership kinds of relationships.

Interestingly, Martin connects the resurfacing of the MERS (Middle East Respiratory Syndrome) outbreak in 2012 going into 2013 and again in 2019, and the very specific things that allegedly have altered in the genome of the beta coronavirus model called SARS CoV, whether it’s SARS CoV1 or MERS or SARS CoV2, those things that have allegedly altered are things that have equally been altered in laboratories, the amplification of the spike protein, the amplification of the Ace-2 receptor, those are all things that were anticipated and done in synthetic exercises in laboratories and claimed that they are the same things that nature figured out at the same time.


The allegations and challenges

It is high time that apart from seeking access to the Wuhan laboratories, the Biden administration should enquire that how much funds Anthony Fauci has been able to pour into the laboratories engaged in the research. Martin has alleged that he has had about $191 billion that has flowed through is an institution, which he had successfully obtained from federal funds, the Department of Defense, and the bio-weapons and bio-terror programs that were instituted after 2001.

The US-led West is facing a complex challenge from China. During the four centuries of western supremacy on the earth, China, an Asian power has emerged on the world stage for the first time in the contemporary history to challenge the European hegemony.

The Americans represent the strength of the erstwhile colonial powers, but they appear to be in dilemma in dealing with a country under a totalitarian Communist regime, but promotes capitalism, successfully assimilate the western capital and technologies. It also appears to have mastered the techniques of the West in penetrating the systems of the other countries. However, the pandemic, Covid-19, believed to be a leak from a Chinese facility in Wuhan, with its unprecedented death trail accompanied by the Chinese assertions worldwide has upset the world. The world under the pandemic is experiencing a China conducting itself like a superpower.

Will India learn from the US

It is hoped that in India the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) and other institutions too would study the possibility of new man-made super viruses being released in coming months. Shi Zhengli has already indicated such a possibility of much more deadlier viruses hitting mankind, India in particular. There are also reports that the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is also working in India under the pretext of helping the animal husbandry and dairy development. There is an urgent need to scrutinize the research being done in India. It will be a challenging task for the present government to keep a vigil in this sensitive field, where the players are too powerful, who could engage a number of medical experts, especially those connecting within the power structure such as spouses of IAS officials, etc.

The lack-lustre role of the ICMR, though its scientists too had been to Wuhan causes concern, if not suspicion. Both India and US establishment have to study the statement of the ECA president, Dr. Peter Daszak, who had co-authored with the Chinese scientist has stated, “We want to be clear that this doesn’t necessarily indicate a brewing outbreak. It does, however, quite clearly show the value of continued bio-surveillance in hotspot regions like Southeast Asia. If we know what viruses are out there in wildlife, and which people are getting infected, we have a chance to stop pandemics dead in their tracks.”

There is also a need to investigate the world’s big pharmaceutical companies in these researches, but India lacks the necessary mechanism in keeping a vigil on the nexus between the NGOs, Chinese proxies and many other known or unknown players. The USA might be hesitant to probe them due to the powerful lobbies’ active in Washington.

False pandemic?

ADDRESSING MEDIA on the sidelines of Defence Expo, The UP Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath said that with the environment clearance to largest airport at strategic location at Jewar in Uttar Pradesh would see major developmental transformation because of its proximity with dedicated eastern and western freight corridors. “We will have India’s largest airport at Jewar. Along with six airports already in service, 11 more are being prepared under the Udaan scheme. We signed our first MoU with Spice Jet Technic for an MRO (maintenance, repair and overhaul) facility near Jewar,” he said.

The government had identified 12,500 acre land and would soon create a land bank of 25,000 acres, which can be offered to anyone who wants to set up an industry along defence corridor. “UP should aim at becoming a net exporter. Over the past two years since we organised investors’ summit, we have seen 35 lakh employment generated so far,” the CM claimed. He also highlighted the infrastructural development of expressways connecting eastern, western express highways and the upcoming Bundelkhand expressway.