‘We know how to run Country, don’t know how to lie’: Rahul Gandhi at election rally in Bihar

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi on Wednesday launched an attack on Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar’s governance policies at an election rally in Bihar’s Balmiki Nagar on Wednesday.

“The motive of demonetisation and lockdown was the same. It was aimed at destroying small farmers, small businesses, traders and labourers, he said at his second round of campaigning in the ongoing state assembly elections.

“It is very strange and sad that the farmers of Punjab are burning the effigy of the PM in place of Ravana. The reason for this is- PM Modi is doing with Punjab and the country what Nitish did with Bihar in 2006,” said Rahul.

“The three laws that have been brought by PM Modi; whose first pilot project was done in Bihar. These three laws are an attack on the farmers of Hindustan, Bihar. It is an attack on your fields,” Rahul added.

Congress leader further said, “The youngsters are here today, they had to leave their beloved state. These youngsters go to Delhi, Bangalore, Mumbai, not happily but because Bihar has been destroyed.”

“We know how to run the country, we know how to stand with the farmers, we know how to give employment to the youth. But there is definitely a shortcoming in us that we do not know to lie, we cannot compete with them in lying,” Rahul said.

“I can guarantee that the government formed will be a government for all. For every caste, every religion, every district and class. There will be exemplary development in Bihar,” he added.

He further said, “Today there’s a new youth in Bihar. Tejashwi wants to give a new perspective, he talks about employment and the Congress party is fighting this election together with him.”