Watch IPL not only for the thrill but life lessons

IPL is an excellent example of unity in diversity. The teams have a mix of players from different countries and different states within the country. Fierce rivals at international and national levels play as teammates in IPL. The goal is simple – to win games for the team and win the IPL trophy.

An IPL T20 game is of 40 overs or 240 balls that lasts about 3 hours. In such a brief format, games can often boil down to the last one ball. Moreover, those who prove their mettle at the last moment, win.

IPL is not just thrilling and entertaining to watch; it also offers life lessons if you look for them. Here are a few that we could find.

Experience is as valuable as the youth

Seasoned players having years of experience bring the much-needed insight and stability to the teams and play alongside young players who do not give a damn for tradition. Every team in the IPL has this mix that inspires innovation and offers the best of both worlds.

Invest for better returns

Like the stock market, you need to stay invested in your team. Teams that have retained players and haven’t undergone too much change have turned out to be stellar performers. On the other hand, completely overhauled teams have failed to inspire again. There are other instances also when team owners bought a player for a high amount.

Why do you think they paid so much? Because they had faith that the return the player would generate would be far higher than the investment. People who believe health insurance plan is a necessary investment just like investing in an IPL player, they are right by all means. There are many plans but be sure to compare health insurance plans before you pick the one that suits your needs.

Keep Learning

IPL has immense talent to learn from. From the coaches who’ve been superstars in their careers to stellar players from across the world, there’s an opportunity to learn from the best like never before. Missing this opportunity will affect growth and may also hamper the careers of new players.


While there –is familiarity and advantage in playing on the home turf, players get to learn to adapt when they are playing in different cities. While the ride is on, one should adapt to the circumstances, and attempt to enjoy.

Plan Ahead

Before every match, prepare well so that there is no regret later. The thrill and excitement that takes place at an IPL match are growing. The final game that we see from home or direct at the ground makes everyone excited. The thrill and entertainment that we experience are due to long days of hard work.

Take Risks

Without risk, there is no gain in life. Top investors believe that higher is the risk you take, more you earn. Many opine that life insurance and medical insurance are waste of money and risky. They have a fear of never putting them to use. Do accidents and illness come with prior information? Moreover, some plans can help you get money back if you never use the benefits during the policy tenure.

Stay Fit

IPL players are young and fit. They maintain it by eating good food, drinking healthy fluid, and maintaining a balance in their lifetime. Fitness is a combination of balanced diet and some exercise. We always blame our hectic schedule to our poor lifestyle. IPL players also have a busy schedule. In fact, they need to travel frequently and must be on the go, always. That will not stop them from taking care of their diet and lifestyle.

Till the time we have the stamina to work, we earn. Have you ever planned what will be your support in old age? IPL players do not play till 60. They retire even before they attain the age of 40. Nevertheless, by then, they earn and invest enough to lead a comfortable life later. Although fit throughout their career, they have medical policies to take care of their emergencies. If we need to learn from them, we will only improve our health, mind, and bank balance.