War may spread to new areas as world leaders pick sides

With US increasing the weapon supply multi-fold to Israel, there are fears that the war would escalate. While European nations have thrown their weight behind Israel, India has also extended its support to Israel leaving international observers puzzled.  A report by Amit Prakash Singh

Almost a week has passed when Hamas terror rockets fell in Israel territories and very dramatically the mercenaries held the local people as hostages. No one had expected such attack may take place. Some compared it with the spectacular 9/11 in U.S. Some said it may be a decisive war of survival. It is the beginning of historical test where outcome is uncertain.

This conflict reminds us the uneven settlement and other issues of Palestine people.  They were rendered almost homeless and jobless when on their land map a new nation was carved out by the super powers of that period. This is a story of sweat, blood and deaths continuing for 50 years.

The Gaza strip-based Palestinians developed some terrorist groups within the population. These groups were trained and equipped with latest Guerilla warfare.  

In thick night time of October 7, some five thousand missile rockets were fired on the calculated important sites of Israel territory. This attack from Hamas was not expected  by Israel prime minister and other authorities some fourteen months ago, both the parties had mutually agreed on many issues and made a truce. But all that ended with the attack.

Israel was stunned . And it declared war after the missile rockets by Hamas militants were flattening the high rise buildings in several towns who had infiltrated among the population through land, water and air and had  taken hostages many men, women and children.

 Many political observers say it was a different kind of Holocaust. It has surpassed even that.  In return, Israel Defence Force launched their ‘Operation Iron Swords” under which water supply, electricity and health facilities were abruptly stopped in Gaza.

Israel Defence Force says that in several cities, Hamas attacked with mortars and missile rockets. Now it has intensified into full war. In Israel Parliament, there is now a war room to chalk out the plan. Former Defence minister, who is considered a strategic war planner is heading the operations. Now, Israel had taken up multi-front war on Syria and Lebanon. In Syria, airports of Damishk and Alleppo have been destroyed rendering them useless for the Hamas fighters.

Many people are dying due to lack of medicines and water. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said that the whole Gaza strip would be turned into rubble. Even UN has been denied relief work as its food distribution centers in Gaza have been closed. Is said about 1500 deaths have taken place, among them there five hundred were children. Now shelters are being made in schools.

Despite the plea by UN General Secretary and other world leaders, both sides are bent upon escalating the war. U.S. foreign Secretary Anthony Blinken held meetings with five prominent Arab countries but it has been of no avail.

There are chances that Israel is contemplating new war plans and U.S. has come forward to support themt. With US increasing the weapon supply multi-fold, there are fears that the war would escalate. Some European nations have also backed Israel. India has also extended its support to Israel leaving international scholars puzzled as India till recently was the supporter of Non-Aligned Movement. Indian PM Modi has said that the country stands firmly with Israel in the difficult hour and strongly and unequally condemn terrorism  in all  its forms and manifestations .

While distancing the nation from Hamas attack, Iran’s ruler Ali Khamenei said Israel has faced an irrevocable military and intelligence capabilities defeat. He continued, “we kiss the hands of those who planned the attack on the Zionist regime”. Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi said his country supports the legitimate defence of Palaestine nation. The other countries in support of Palestine nation are Yeman, Qatar, Lebnon and many other in other continents.