Wanted in 113 cases, Delhi Police arrests ‘Godmother of crime’

Delhi Police on Saturday arrested a 62-year-old Basiran also known as “Godmother of crime”, involved in 113 crime cases from South Delhi’s Sangam Vihar.

Her 8 sons are also part of the criminal activities including smuggling, bootlegging, robbery, extortion, theft, contract killing, kidnapping, and murder. The police had also nabbed her two sons.

She is accused of heading a crime syndicate in Sangam Vihar region and was arrested after Delhi Police launched a search operation for her alleged involvement in the contract killing of a man.

Basiran had been absconding for eight months after she and her gang members took up a contract to kill a man, the gang members killed the man and burnt his body in the forests.

Basiran anticipated her arrest and fled from Delhi. She moved around in several towns of Uttar Pradesh for about eight months. Basiran returned back to the city and went to meet her family and was caught by the police.

Before running away eight months ago, she was running a water supply mafia also.

It was in the early 1980s Basiran moved to the Capital with her husband and slowly established her crime syndicate.