‘Want good debates on economic issue, people’s empowerment In Parliament’: PM Modi

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday asked the Members of Parliament to work towards laying a strong foundation for a bright future of the country in the new decade.

In his customary remarks to the media before the commencement of the Budget session of the Parliament, Prime Minister Modi called for wide discussions on the economic issues in the country and how to maximize benefits to India in the current global economic scenario.

“We should focus mostly on economic issues in this session and we should to try to see how India can benefit most out of the present global economic scenario and how it can take forward the country’s economy.”

Calling for enriched discussions in both the Houses of Parliament, the Prime Minister said it should also focus on the empowerment of the people.

“Our Government is known for striving for the empowerment of all the underprivileged sections and women. We would continue to work in this direction even in this decade. I wish that both the houses have great discussions on economic issues and empowerment of people. I am confident that the discussions would be enlightening and enriching all of us’, he said