VVPATs for upcoming 2019 elections to be delivered well within time: EC

The Election Commission (EC) on July 25 announced that all 16.15 lakh voter-verifiable paper audit trails (VVPATs) for the upcoming 2019 Lok Sabha elections “shall be delivered well within the time.”

The Commission has been consistently and periodically reviewing the status of production and supply of VVPATs.

“All VVPATs shall be delivered well within the time required for making pre-poll preparations for 2019 Lok Sabha elections,“the statement reads.

The statement further reads“While all required EVMs will be delivered by 30th Sep 2018, VVPAT deliveries are delayed as the Technical Experts Committee on EVMs appointed by the Commission analyses the technology stabilisation issues in the initial batches and incorporates essential design improvements.”

“Even then, due to continuous monitoring at the highest level, including personal visits by the Commission of all the production units, all VVPATs shall also be delivered well before end of Nov 2018, well within the time required for making pre-poll preparations,” the statement said.

“Till date, 5.88 lakh units have been produced by the PSUs (4.36 lakh by Bharat Electronics Limited and 1.52 lakh by Electronics Corporation of India Ltd), which is 36% of the total quantity to be supplied.”