VS Achuthanandan blames CPM leadership for weakening LDF in Kerala

vs AchuthanandanVeteran CPM leader of Kerala, V S has come lashing at the previous leadership of the party for its many-flawed decision weakening party’s popular base in the state. In an interview to a Malayalam channel on Sunday, VS said that many of the ‘immature’ decision in leaving the secular allies like Janata Dal (United) and RSP (B) out of the front have ditched all the possibilities of the party in the elections post-2004.
“The wrong decision of the then leadership saw party losing its vote share and number of seats to four from 18 in 2004,” said V S. The then party leadership thought that the party could win election with on its own, and this over confidence pushed them into trouble, added VS. Moreover, the party’s association with communal forces has also costed the party.
The decision to share the stage with PDP leader Abdul Nasar Madany has backlashed the front. The elections that followed saw party losing its base in the state and faced huge failure. People’s reply to this unholy nexus has come as a huge slap in the face of the party, said VS. “JD(U) was forced to leave the Front after it was denied their parliament seat in Kozhikode in 2009, and RSP left the front too similarly,” said VS.
He also said that absence of mature leaders in the state leadership have also led the situation further worsen. “The absence of mature leadership in the state to further correct their wrong decision led to the situation bad,” said VS. He added that party should consider their failed tactical moves more ‘self-critically’ and should bring-in necessary changes with the changing time. “We will move ahead with our decision to strengthen the LDF and party by joining hands with democratic and secular forces as it was decided at the 21st Party Congress,” said VS.
VS also said that he had met with JD(U) leader M P Veerendra Kumar recently and discussions over the possibility of his party’s re-entry to the LDF. V S also signaled a possible change in the LDF within two months by paving way for JD (U) and RSP.