Vijay Mallya to be extradited to India

Westminster Magistrate Court of the United Kingdom (UK)  on Monday ordered Fugitive businessman Vijay Mallya extradition to India to face fraud investigations.

He is wanted in India for alleged fraud and money laundering charges amounting to an estimated Rs 9,000 crore.

Mallya had through recent tweets offered to repay the loan. “Wherever I am physically, my appeal is ‘please take the money’. I want to stop the narrative that I stole money.”

“I did not borrow a single rupee. The borrower was Kingfisher Airlines. The money was lost due to a genuine and sad business failure. Being held as guarantor is not fraud,” Mallya tweeted.

Mallya contested that the extradition case against him is “politically motivated” and the loans he has been accused of defrauding on were sought to keep his now-defunct airline afloat.

When asked about the extradition case against him, Mallya reportedly said, “Politically motivated lack of fair trial and the ability of politicians to create numerous new allegations that provide for pretrial detention.”