Uttar Pradesh: PM Modi to visit Amethi on March 3

Prime Minister Narendra Modi will visit Amethi in Uttar Pradesh on March 3.

At Kauhar in Amethi, PM Modi will dedicate the Indo-Russia Rifles Pvt Limited to the nation. 

The Indo-Russia Rifles Pvt Ltd, a joint venture between India’s Ordinance factory and a Russian firm, is a milestone in Indo-Russian cooperation.

In the Korwa Ordinance Factory, the latest series of the iconic Kalashnikov rifles will be made.

 A shining example of Make in India, the joint venture will bolster the armed forces in the country and will strengthen national security.

The factory will also generate employment opportunities in Amethi and nearby areas. 

The Joint venture will give a tremendous boost to the UP-Defence Corridor project.

 PM Modi will also unveil several development projects. These relate to power generation, education, health and manufacturing sectors. These projects will be of direct benefit to Amethi region as well as Uttar Pradesh.

Modi will also address a public gathering at Kauhar.