Uttar Pradesh government submits first draft report to SC on restoration of Taj Mahal

The Uttar Pradesh (UP) government on July 24 presented the first draft report of its comprehensive plan to the Supreme Court (SC) on the restoration of Taj Mahal (UNESCO World Heritage Site).

The state government assured that it would seal polluting factories, would declare entire Taj Mahal precinct as a no-plastic zone, impose a complete ban on construction activities on the river Yamuna floodplain, ensure better traffic management and more space for pedestrians to protect and preserve the Mughal mausoleum and its environs.

The move comes following the SC’s observations on July 11 on state government’s apathy towards depleting conditions of the 17th century iconic monument.

Aishwarya Bhati, one of the lawyers of UP government, said that there would be a complete ban on construction activities, traffic would be managed in a better way, and efforts would be made to promote better pedestrian movement. All these steps would be taken to protect the Mughal mausoleum.

The state also said that more tourism hubs should be created and a comprehensive traffic management plan was needed to promote pedestrian movement within the precinct.

The draft report states roads along the Yamuna riverfront should be planned in such a manner that traffic is limited. The report also mentioned there should be no construction on the Yamuna floodplain and the riverbank should only have natural plantations.