UP Congress conducts exam for post of state spokespersons

The Uttar Pradesh Congress Committee (UPCC) on June 28 in Lucknow conducted a written test where nearly 70 party members seeking appointment to the post of the spokespersons were made to answer 14 questions. It turned as a shock for Congress party when its members appearing for the test felt allegedly cheated.

Some of the interesting questions in the test paper included, write failures of Yogi Adityanath government, list failures of Modi government and list achievements of Manmohan Singh government, how many division, districts and blocks are there in UP, what are the three main headlines today on which Congress spokespersons can issue statements, why do you want to become a spokesperson etc.’   

In total 70 party leaders, including 35 who had been already working as spokesmen, panelists or in other capacities in the UPCC’s media department took part in the exam.

“We had about 30 minutes to answer nearly 14 questions. Examinees were allowed to use internet and do Google search for correct answers,” said a party functionary.

“Congress President Rahul Gandhi wants that only the leaders well versed about the party’s policies and who knows the state well and can boldly speak on the issues should be allowed to function as a spokesperson. A beginning in this direction has been already made in other states and more will follow this system in coming days,” said a Congress party leader.

Sources revealed that the test was conducted to simply introduce professionalism and bring about a change in the party’s working culture.