Twenty Indian soldiers martyred, more than 40 chinese troops killed in violent face off at Galwan valley

Twenty soldiers of the Indian Army were martyred in the violent faceoff with Chinese forces at Galwan Valley. According to the army, apart from the death of one officer and two soldiers, 14 soldiers were also seriously injured in this faceoff, who are now martyred. According to the information, there are reports of more than 40 Chinese soldiers killed or seriously injured.

After the news of the martyrdom of an Indian officer and two soldiers, there were unconfirmed reports that some Indian soldiers were missing. However, now the army has said that 14 soldiers who were seriously injured, are now martyred.

It is evident from the fact that the death of this large number of soldiers was result of a bloody clash between the soldiers of India and China and the death toll on both sides may be higher. It is also expected that the Chinese army ambushed and attacked the Indian soldiers, to which the Indian soldiers responded.