Time to identify domestic enemies

Pulwama terror attack is one of the deadliest  assaults on Indian soldiers in Kashmir since 1989, writes Mithun Dey

The Pulwama terror incident plunges the nation into grief. Tears rolled down and emotions flooded the air as ‘Bharat Mata’ bid valediction to those brave sons who left their motherland abruptly. On the other, it was an incredibly proud moment that no Indian will forget. Disgracefully, it was just like a cowardly sucker punch attack on Indian paramilitary personnel and consequently, 40 CRPF jawans were martyred and around 20 others badly injured on February 14.

On the other, the world was busy with Valentine’s Day celebration. The Pulwama terror attack is one of the deadliest assaults on Indian soldiers in Kashmir since the Kashmiri insurgency has been conflicted between Kashmiri separatists and Indian Government in 1989.

Enough is enough. Over the past three decades, J&K, Indian jawans, Kashmiri Pandits and every common people belongs to Kashmir have witnessed various journeys through conflict such as exodus of Kashmiri Pandits in 1990, Amarnath land issue in 2008, 2010 Kashmir unrest, 2014 Kashmir Valley attacks, 2016 Uri attack and now the Pulwama terror attack.

Firstly, our NDA government needs to identify the domestic enemies and must give barbaric form of punishment that they couldn’t forget. Such people are mainly convicted of treason, I do believe. The terror strike in Pulwama on National Highway 44 that earlier passed through residential areas that invited militants an advantage.

However, a new highway has come out but extremists preferred such a stretch which is very close to a residential area. Domestic enemies should learn about patriotism and they need to go through the lives of our great Heroes who sacrificed their lives for our motherland. Let think of it that our armed forces defend solely the nation’s peace and security with their might but no one protects our guardian.  

The Governor rule is apparently not applicable for the state of J&K. As per a survey report, nearly 50 militant attacks have been taken place in J&K in just one month. During Governor’s rule, several cases of “Kanni Jung” incidents that means fighting with stones by mobs has been appeared and have killed a number of tourists and Indian soldiers.  The government of India must think of the President’s Rule under Article 356 that should be imposed right away.

Today, Indian political instability has been bad for common people, India’s economy and the future of the nation. Indeed, politics and religion should not be reconciled in single window. India ranked fourth in the world for religious intolerance that makes God little and intolerant. It appears to be getting dirtier and unfair day after day. Public consciousness is must in all respects. One vote that we make can either break the nation or make it. Let’s forget the politics and its vote in the name of caste, creed and religion.

Modi has made over the state J&K into a conflict resolution that might have more lasting impact on the future of the country. The government should not form a fault line by grouping the state on the basis of religion. I do think that the NDA government is so weak that it has absolutely failed in defending India’s soldiers, borders and in checking terrorism dominated in J&K and evidently coming from Pakistan during its five year tenure. Pakistan premier Imran Khan wanted to peace talk with the PM Narendra Modi. But later in January this year, Imran Khan blamed PM Modi for violence in Kashmir.

It was believed that the project to regulate the relationship between the two nations. But all these are just a political dialogue and nothing else. Modi is the first Prime Minister to visit Pakistan for bilateral dialogue in 2015 but it was stalled since Jaish-e-Mohammed, the Pakistan based terrorist group attack on Indian air base in 2016. Both India and Pak have agreed to build a corridor that joins Sikh shrines from the Indian city of Dera Baba Nanak to the Pakistani town of Kartarpur, allowing Sikhs to travel to places of worship across the border without a visa. As a result, India received the tragic terror attack in Pulwama. 

Now what India urgently needs is that Jaise-e-Mohammad (JeM) terrorist group that claims responsible for the attack should be banned at once. This time no surgical strike but open attack is to be required for and India needs to isolate Pakistan completely. The government of India should stop water supply from Punjab to Pakistan since Punjab is one of the most fertile lands of Pakistan’s all provinces. Consequently, Pakistan might face a significant civil war in near future if our government taps the water of the three eastern rivers. The government of India should withdraw the most favored nation trade status, all sorts of business partnerships, and communications with Pakistan to ensure the complete severance from International community of Pakistan.