Three railway employees suspended in UTS fraud

Three railway employees including Chief Booking Supervisor posted at Sangrur railway station were suspended due to fraud detected in unreserved ticketing system (UTS) at Sangrur and Dhuri railway stations in Punjab under Ambala Railw Division in which preliminary investigation revealed that tickets of short distance railway stations in machine were being converted to long distance railway station tickets thus putting excessive amount of fare  in their own pocket causing heavy revenue loss to railways. When fraud was detected at Sangrur and Dhuri railway stations and matter reached railway headquarter Baroda House New Delhi a three member railway vigilance team from Northern Railways reached at Divisional Railway Manager (DRM) office at Ambala Cantt which collected the file to investigate ongoing fraud not only at Sangrur and Dhuri railway stations but also to check all UTS at other railway station in Ambala division.

Preliminary investigation revealed that large numbers of short distance tickets between Sangrur and Sunam railway stations having few kilometers distance with meager amount of fare were falsely converted to long distance railway stations in trains on way to U.P and Bihar thus putting difference of amount in fare into their pockets and cause huge revenue loss to railways. The practical demonstration was also given to vigilance team in which while preparing a fake long distance ticket ink cartridge was removed from UTS machine at the time of operating machine on blank short distance ticket. Information reveals, Chief Commercial Manager Northern Railways has directed Divisional Rail Managers of all five divisions in Northern Railways    to investigate similar frauds in UTS machines installed at all railway stations.

Hari Mohan Senior DCM told that a technical staff arriving to check all UTS machines installed at railway stations in Ambala division. He told that serious action is being taken against railway staff involved in this scam and there is possibility of action taken against few more railway employees. He told that a Train Travelling Examiner (TTE) while checking tickets in a long route train got suspected a foul smell and informed him when the matter was reported to Chief Commercial Manager Northern Railways New Delhi who took mater seriously and fraud exposed.