There has not been any large-scale influx of Rohingyas in India: BSF DG

The Border Security Force (BSF) Director General (DG) K.K. Sharma on September 7 while speaking at the ongoing 47th DG level talks between the BSF and the Border Guards Bangladesh (BGB) in Delhi, said there has not been any large-scale influx of Rohingyas into India.

“There has not been any large-scale influx of Rohingyas in India. Rohingyas who are already in the country, are also under pressure at some places. So they are going to West Bengal, that is slightly friendly with them and has created camps for Rohingyas coming from within the country, not from Bangladesh,” BSF DG said.

He further said that there were attempts by small groups to enter into the Indian Territory but security forces stopped them.

He further asserted, “So I am very happy to say the BSF has successfully contained the influx of Rohigyas and we have not allowed any intrusion so far. This has also been verified by our sister security agencies.”

BGB DG Major General Md Shafeenul Islam during the bi-annual talks said, “There is no large-scale infiltration or migration of people from Bangladesh into India as residents of that country now enjoy a very good life and the few who cross-over do so due to old cultural and family ties.”

Islam added that they had intercepted only about 100 such crossers in the past six months along the 4,096-km border that the two nations share.