‘The Supreme Court’s stay is a murder of justice’

But SIMI is accused of being a terrorist group. It is said it has links with Lashkar-e-Tayaba, Jaish-e-Mohammed, Al Qaeda and Osama Bin Laden…
[Laughs] These are false accusations against us and even though we have proved our innocence time and again, it is disappointing that they keep being repeated. Basically, because of the successive bans on us we are blamed for everything. We have never been associated with any terror group. We believe only in reaching our ideologies, thoughts and messages to the people. We have opposed violence right from the start.

Quoting intelligence agencies,the media has said SIMI has broken into two factions: yours and Safdar Nagori’s.
I, too, have read this in the media. Had the ban been lifted for some days I would have called them and asked about it. Right now there is a ban on travelling or phoning or meeting anyone. Anyway, whatever is being published in the newspapers is being done at the behest of those who want to prejudice the public mind against us.

What is your stand on the bomb blasts by terror groups?
We have always maintained that murder of even one innocent person is the murder of entire humanity. We also opposed it when we were functional and not banned. Once I had held a press conference in Delhi after the bomb blasts in Mumbai, denouncing the terror acts. We opposed it and offered sympathies to the relatives of the victims. But that was used against us. It was said that despite being banned we hold press conferences and release statements. Even the judge said that.

Do you think SIMI can make a contribution in maintaining communal harmony in the country, to ensure there is no divisiveness, and that India moves forward?
A great man like Gandhiji was killed by Nathuram Godse. Godse was a terrorist. Working on the same ideology, RSS has always 

played a key role in disturbing the communal harmony. In spite of that RSS is not banned. We believe that to maintain brotherhood and harmony in India, RSS should be banned. BJP, RSS are people of the same family, they should be sent to jail. How do you expect peace and harmony without sending them to jail? Think about it. Modi is a big terrorist. Arun Jaitley, Advani, Vajpayee are all terrorists. The entire State, the entire country is terrorised by their activities. But in every way they get respect. When you allow terrorists to sit on your head, how can you still hope to live in peace? They kill people for their personal benefits, for their chair, for their party. On the other hand, people like us, who are weak and subjugated, who run a character-based organisation that hones ethics and morality in young men so that they don’t ask for dowry, don’t smoke, don’t abuse, stay away from films and merriment and fashion, are thrown into jails. And the killers of humanity roam freely.
There are 80 crore Hindus in India. What does SIMI think of them?
This is a very good question. Allah has set some rules for his kingdom. They say that you should call the people on the earth towards the religion of god with service, advice, in a decent way, with politeness, with logic. All of us are sons and daughters of Adam and Eve. We love all human beings and want to save them all from the fires of hell. We want them to live in a just world and, after death, live peacefully in heaven.