The number of deaths due to swine flu has decreased in state, saya Eknath Shinde

There has been a decline in the number of deaths owing to prevalence of swine flu in the state from May. In the last 25 days, not a single patient has died and even the number of the patients has also reduced. Only two patients in the state are on ventilator. Today, Public Health Minister Eknath Shinde said here that preventive measures are being implemented by the health department.

In last year, cold weather is high in some parts of the state, which were felt till February-March. Since the cold weather is contributing factor for swine flu virus, the numbers of patients and patient deaths have been increased in these two months.

Vaccination is done free of cost for the health-care workers. 9000 people were vaccinated from January2019 till the end of May, the Public Health Minister informed. The public health department has conducted regular surveys of patients like swine flu. So far, close to 11.75 lakh patients were examined in the state. About 21,000 suspected people have been given oseltamivir pills. 105 patients have been currently admitted to the hospital. There are two patients on the ventilator in the Pune Municipal Corporation. 177 patients have died due to swine flu from January to May end.

In January, 117 patients had been detected and 26 patients had died during this month. In February,401 patients had been diagnosed and 49 patients had died. In March, 585 patients were detected and 63 patients died. In April, 328 patients had been detected and 35 patients had died. In May, 188 patients were found, out of which four died. There is no instance of death due to swine flu after May 10th.