Terrorists using Chinese weapons, devices to attack security forces in J&K

Terrorists are using Chinese-manufactured weapons and communication equipment in attacks against security forces in Jammu and Kashmir,  intelligence reports have revealed. 

As per sources within the Army, there’s a growing reliance on China-made weaponry and devices by outfits like JeM and Lashkar-e-Toiba in their operations against the military, reports in the media said.

The reports suggest Chinese-supplied drones, grenades, and other armaments provided to the Pakistan army are being diverted to terrorist groups, leading to their deployment in recent attacks. Instances of terrorists using sniper guns equipped with Chinese technology have been identified during infiltration attempts from Pakistan into Indian territories.

Moreover, the evidence points to the utilization of Chinese-made body cameras for capturing footage during attacks, which has raised concerns about the authenticity of images released by these groups. Intelligence sources have highlighted that encrypted communication devices employed by these terrorist outfits also trace back to Chinese origins.