Take preventive measures to curb the diseases Make clean water available for drink- Maharashtra Govt

“Immediately start electrical system andwater supply in flooded area. Take preventive measures so that the disease does not spread. All the necessary funds, manpower, will be made available to facilitate people’s lives. System should be prepared action plan and submitted immediately after taking into consideration the needs of the people” directed Water Resources Minister Girish Mahajan.

He was talking about the all preventive measures taken by government and administration to provide relief for flood affected people.

Mahajan further said that immediate measures should be taken to prevent any possible pestilence after the flood. Take blood tests of people in flooded areas, apply cleaning system, and spray medicine. Also, be careful that people get clean and pure water. Clean water at the filtration plant should be made available by tankers for drinking. Immediately start the tankers at all locations where necessary.

“The students of private, government, veterinary colleges will get help for the animal vaccination. Urgent proposals should be made for the improvement of all the obstructed roads from the Zilla Parishad and the Public Works Department. The necessary manpower, funds will be made available to start the water supply in 125 villages as soon as possible. After flooding, composting of collected waste, dirt must be in a scientific manner” stated Girish Mahajan. He also gave suggestions on proper disposal of dead animals.

Minister of Water Resources said if the house was submerged for more than two days or if the house was washed away, help of Rs. 15,000 will be provided in urban areas and Rs 10,000 for rural area. Also, 10 kg rice, 10 kg wheat will be provided per family. If you do not
take shelter in the camp, a daily allowance of Rs 60 will be provided for adults and Rs 45 for young children.

“Create village-wise, name-wise information of the affected village families. Government assistance will be provided to all those who lost their homes. To provide relief to those whose livelihoods have been destroyed, new dimensions will be fixed’” said Praveen Pardeshi, Commissioner of the Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai.

The houses should be categorized into three parts during the survey (panchanama). Survey should be categorized into three different groups, houses which gone under water during the flood of 2005 and 2019, houses that have collapsed and houses that have been partially damaged. Permanent rehabilitation plans should be created for those whose homes are not reusable. Also, plans should be set up to set up permanent shelter centers to move the families of the affected families to a safe place. Also, the system should be mobilized to handle the survey and lists in rural and urban areas. Apart from the staff of the Government system, the students of Engineering College, ITI, and Diploma would also contribute in this work