TAC Security CEO Trishneet Arora meets US Vice President Kamala Harris

Chandigarh :   It was a heart- warming moment for  29-year old Trishneet Arora, the founder and CEO of TAC Security, when he met Indian origin US Vice President Kamala Harris in Albuquerque recently. Two iconic personalities with common Indian roots discussed ways and means to tackle cyber security challenges effectively. TAC Security has its corporate office at Mohali near Chandigarh and offices in other parts of India and US.

The young entrepreneur expressed his joy through a tweet after meeting Harris. He tweeted, “Glad to have met the Vice President Kamala Harris during my recent visit to the United States. @VP is empowering women across the world and stands as a strong inspiration for them.

“I am profusely honoured to have met the Vice President of the United States of America. She is empowering women across the world and stands as a strong inspiration for them. I shared my vision to deal with the menace of cyber security with her, which has snowballed into a serious global challenge with US Vice President Kamala Harris,” said Trishneet.

Talking about cyber challenges, he said that as the world is going through a larger shift to digitalization, cyber security is at the centre stage of it. Global cyber security concerns are even more profound now. “Therefore, looking at the strong relationship between India-US on cyber terror, I have urged the US VP to work on cyber resilience and strengthening the ecosystem with a cyber-scoring principal policy. The US is a land of opportunity for entrepreneurs like me and TAC Security is dedicated to investing and growing in the States,” he further added.

Thanks to his prodigious cyber security skills, Trishneet who is from Punjab  is making a mark not just in India but even  globally. He was the centre of attraction when recently he met Harris at a special gathering of entrepreneurs in Albuquerque. It is noteworthy that Trishneet had a private session with Harris on the side-lines of the event.

Trishneet left his studies and started his entrepreneurial journey in 2013 at the mere age of 19. He  founded TAC Security, which is now a global cyber security behemoth specializing in vulnerability management. Trishneet is also listed in Forbes 30 Under-30 List.   In 2021, he was listed in Fortune India’s 40 Under-40 List for the second time, being the youngest one on it both times.

Known as the Mark Zuckerberg of India, Trishneet  was listed in the 50 Most Influential Young Indians by GQ Magazine in  2017.

Javier Gonzales, Mayor of the City of Santa Fe, New Mexico, proclaimed 25th August as the ‘Trishneet Arora Day’ in 2017.