‘Stellar Performance’ in Lok Sabha Polls: Omar Abdullah congratulates PM Modi, Amit Shah

Former Jammu and Kashmir chief minister Omar Abdullah on Thursday credited Prime Minister Narendra Modi and BJP president Amit Shah for their party’s stellar performance in the Lok Sabha polls.

Omar said Amit Shah and PM Modi had put together a winning alliance and a professional campaign.

“So the exit polls were correct. All that’s left is to congratulate the BJP & NDA for a stellar performance. Credit where credit is due PM Modi Sahib & Mr Amit Shah put together a winning alliance & a very professional campaign. Bring on the next five years,” Omar Abdullah tweeted.

The BJP is set for a landslide win. The National Democratic Alliance (NDA)is currently leading in over 340 seats.

The Congress-led UPA that was hoping to eliminate the Modi government is trailing far behind at around 100 seats.

When the exit polls predicted over 300 seats for the NDA, Omar Abdullah, one of the most vocal critics of PM Modi and his government had said, “Every single exit poll can’t be wrong! Time to switch off the TV, log out of social media & wait to see if the world is still spinning on its axis on the 23rd.”