Spring- A Season to Bloom

The spring is finally here, the March and April will witness dazzling array of spring festivals in the continent. When the winter ends and the spring starts, it is time of several festivals and New year celebrations in many Asian countries. The most famous of these is mostly Nowruz. According to the Persian calendar Nowruz marks the start the new year. Originated from Zorastraian rituals, Naowruz is mainly celebrated in Iran, Afghanistan, Kashmir etc.

In India also several calendars start from beginning of the spring season. According to the Hindu calendar, popularly known as Vikram Samvat, the New year begins in March. Many Hindu groups urge people to celebrate the New year with Hindu Calendar. The  festivals like Ugadi or Yugadi and Gudi Padwa are widely celebrated in Maharashtra, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. The Rajasthani and Sindhi Calenders also occur in March and April. The Harvest Festival of Punjab also starts with Baisakhi on April 14th. The Tamil Nadu New year Puthandu, Thai Songkran and Burmese Thingyan also starts in mid of April…Most of the festivals start in India according to the ancient traditions, they are derived according to the Sankranti festival celebrated on 14 -15thJanuary every year.

Asia appears amazingly beautiful and charming in spring seasons. It is also known as the season of Festivals in south Asia.In India this season also known as Vasant Ritu starts from mid Feburary to April. It is considered as the most beautiful season. The main reasons to that are…

1.Temperatures become moderate and people say goodbye to winters.

  • More sunshine as days get longer so enjoy more Vitamin D.
  • Blooming flowers and trees.
  • Enjoy more Flora and fauna.
  • Migration of Animals, as spring comes many Animals and Birds come back.
  • Abundance in vegetation as many grains sprout.

Not only this Flower festivals are celebrated in various states and Cities. Delhi Tourism has also hosted “Garden Tourism Festivals” from 17 to 19 February. More than 300 varieties of flowers and plants like roses, hibiscus,protea, lotus and tulips will be displayed.  In reference to the theme of assuming G20 presidency, the theme of this flower festival is “Garden Of Unity” The Exhibition will also witness potted plants, herbal and medicinal plants, dahlia, varieties of roses, Bougainvillea etc. The Mughal Garden at Rashtrapati Bhavan now named as “Amrit Udyan” is also opened for visitors from mid February.

 The Tulip festival in Kashmir is also celebrated every year in March and April. In the Tulip garden of Kashmir when tulips start blooming the garden is opened for public.It is the largest garden in Asia, spread in 30 hectors. The valley looks mesmerizing with varieties of tulips in this garden. It is the centre of attraction for the tourist. Every year thousands of tourist visit this place.

For the lovers of flora and fauna, a three day flower festival is being organized in Noida also from 24-26 Feb. Marigold  also called as gaindais the theme flower this time.This is the best opportunity to enjoy vibrant flowers. One can also purchase plants, manure, seeds and other accessories from this exhibition. So go and enjoy the different range of Flowers.