Showcasing  yearning and quest for peace through verses

This book authored by Sahana Ahmed contains 95 poems of 47 poet-writers from India and also from other countries of the world. With peace as its core theme…verse after verse of these sensitive poets are touching and dripping with raw emotions.  A book review by Humra Quraishi

Title of the book – Amity  Peace  Poems

Editor-  Sahana  Ahmed

Publishers –  Hawakal Publishers

Pages –166

 Price – Rs 400

What got  me absolutely attracted to this book is the  fact that peace is the core theme…I was  there for its  launch and have  been also focusing on the verse of these  sensitive  poets… Touching verse, dripping with raw emotions.

And to quote the editor of this book, Sahana Ahmed, on her take-off to this collection: “My own vision for this collection was simple. I was interested in honest writing; all types  of  poetry from free verse to the traditional forms, were welcome. It was crucial to me that  voices from different  quarters were heard regardless of previous writing experience. So, we have soi-disant closet poets rubbing shoulders with those who have earned international  acclaim; more than a dozen Amity contributors  have at least one literary honour to their credit.”  And then she goes still further and lists out an entire range that can be undertaken to  make our world  somewhat peaceful and tranquil. To quote her, “There are many ways to make this world a peaceful place. You can listen with an open mind. You can visit a museum. You can reduce your carbon footprint. You can learn another language…”

Of course, there are hundred ways one can be at peace, and with that spread around peace. Aren’t we all craving for peace, yet what baffles me if that in these so called developed times there seem only faint traces of peace.

Why this dark-disturbing scenario? Tension and worries seem mounting, building up in an atmosphere riddled with violence and hatred and dismal ground realities.

Where’s that much sought after peace! Where’s it gone! Who all have snatched it away from us! What do we tell our children and grandchildren about peace!

Anyway, after reading the verse of these poets, one can only hope that there’s still hope, as verse after verse is focusing on peace …that yearning …and that quest for peace!  

Perhaps, the essence lies in the closing quote from The  Earth  Charter, on the very  last  page  in this poetry book:  “Recognise that  peace in the wholeness created by right  relationships with oneself, other persons, other cultures, other life, and the larger whole of which all are a part.”