Scott Morrison to become Australia’s next Prime Minister

Scott Morrison is Australia’s new Prime Minister after he defeated Peter Dutton 45 votes to 40 in the secret ballot. The decision ended a week-long chaos in the Capital

Scott Morrison won leadership of the Liberal Party and will be sworn in as Prime Minister later today.

A defeated Malcolm Turnbull stood down from leadership after he lost the majority support of his Liberal Party.

Malcolm Turnbull tweeted, “I have just been provided with a request for a meeting of the Parliamentary Liberal Party. It has 43 signatures. As soon as they are verified by the Whips, which should not take long, the meeting will be called.”

Opposition Peter Dutton hoped that he had the numbers to pull off the move, but Morrison succeeded in the voting to become next Prime Minister of Australia.

After leaving the party room meeting, Dutton offered his congratulations to Scott Morrison.

With Morrison becoming the new Prime Minister, Australia will get its sixth prime minister in 11 years.