Sabarimala Protests: New York Times journalist fails to make it to shrine

Two journalists of the New York Times, who managed to climb up the pathway to reach the shrine, was on Thursday forced to abort their trek and turn back following a massive protest by devotees who are trying to stop women of menstruating age from entering the temple.

Delhi-based Suhasini Raj, along with her colleague, a foreign national, managed to go past the Pamba gateway but was stopped midway by angry devotees.

Reports say, police made a massive security ring around the New York Times reporter as she started climbing the Sabarimala hill.

However, the journalist returned after climbing a short distance as she does not want to create trouble.

On Wednesday, the protesters, who opposed the entry of women to the Sabarimala temple, clashed with the police, attacked journalists, vandalised media vehicles and stopped women from going near the temple. 

The Sabarimala temple opened for the first time yesterday after the Supreme Court ruling last month allowing entry of women aged between 10 and 50.