Reforms in Agriculture would empower farmers to sell produce at profitable rate anywhere in country: PM Modi

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday said farm sector reform bills passed by Parliament are necessary in order to free the farmers from various shackles. He said the historic laws give new rights to the farmers and there would be no restrictions on selling their produce to anyone, anywhere and at a price and terms determined by the farmer himself.

The Prime Minister said the earlier system bred vested interests which took advantage of hapless farmers.

Modi said under the new reforms, the farmer has various alternatives apart from the Agriculture Markets (Krishi Mandis). A farmer can now sell his produce where he gets more profit.

The Prime Minister clarified that krishi mandis will not be closed and that they would continue to operate as they have been doing before. The Prime Minister said it was the NDA Government which is working for modernization and computerization of Mandis for the last 6 years.

Modi also assured every farmer in the country that the system of MSP shall continue as before. He said that the same vested interests which were exploiting the farmers have pushed the Swaminathan Committee Recommendations on MSP under the carpet for years.  He said that every season the Government would announce MSP as always.

The Prime Minister said some vested interests are trying to mislead the farmers on the historical reforms in agriculture. He said, the government procurement of pulses and oilseeds in the last 5 years is about 24 times more than the 5 years preceding 2014. During the Corona period this year, record purchases of wheat have been made from farmers during the Rabi season.

That is, during the Corona period, not only the record government purchases were made but also the record payments were made to the farmers. It is the responsibility of 21st century India to create new systems for the farmers of the country with modern thinking.