Rajat Sharma resigns as DDCA President

Senior journalist Rajat Sharma on Saturday resigned from the post of president of Delhi & Districts Cricket Association (DDCA).

 “Today I have tendered my resignation from the post of President, DDCA and has sent it to the Apex Council. I thank all of you for your overwhelming support, respect and affection during my tenure. My best wishes to @delhi_cricket,” Sharma tweeted.

After resigning from the post of President Sharma further said, “Dear Members, Ever since you have chosen me as the President of DDCA, I have been informing you about my work from time to time. I told you about the steps to be taken to make DDCA better, professional and transparent. Informed about the fulfillment of promises made to you.”

In his resignation letter, Sharma said he made every effort to discharge his obligations in the best interest of the Association with honesty and sincerity. “I take this opportunity to thank you all to have reposed faith in me during my tenure as the President of DDCA. In my short stint, I have made every effort to discharge my obligations in the best interest of the Association with honesty and sincerity. The sole agenda was the welfare of the Association and transparency in each and every aspect,” he said.

“In my endeavour though I faced many roadblocks, opposition and oppressions, just to keep me from discharging my duties in fair and transparent manner, however, somehow I kept moving with only one agenda that all promises made to the members must be fulfilled while keeping the interest and welfare of cricket paramount at all times,” he added.

He also went on to say that the cricket administration was full of pull and pressures all the time and that vested interests are always actively working against the interest of cricket.

“It seems that it may not be possible to carry on in DDCA with my principles of integrity, honesty and transparency, which I am not willing to compromise at any cost,” Sharma said.