Rahul Gandhi slams centre over inflation

Congress’s leader Rahul Gandhi today slammed the government over the rise in petrol prices, diesel and cooking gas.

Rahul Gandhi criticized the centre, he said –“Over the last 7 years, the government has earned more than ₹ 23 lakh crore because of the rise of diesel, petrol and cooking gas, and questioned, “But where is this money going?” The increase in GDP he equated with the rise of “Gas, diesel and petrol prices”.

He further said –“When the UPA left office, the price of LPG was ₹ 410 a cylinder, today it is ₹ 885 — a 116 per cent rise. He also said the price of petrol has increased by 42 per cent and diesel has increased by over 55 per cent since 2014.

“Today, people are giving the argument that these are dependent on the international market. But let me highlight the fact that the international prices for these have fallen since 2014, but it has increased in India.