Rahul Gandhi Challenges PM Narendra Modi to debate on National Security

Congress president Rahul Gandhi on Thursday attacked Prime Minister Narendra Modi and challenged him to a debate on national security and Rafale.

“Modi is a coward, he will run away from debate,” Gandhi said at the national convention of the AICC minority department in New Delhi.

He dared Prime Minister Narendra Modi for a ten-minute debate with him.

“If BJP has any courage, they should make Mr. Modi stand with me on this stage for a debate,” Rahul said.

“When you see Modi’s face today, you can see fear. He has realised that by dividing the nation he cannot govern the country, and people will remove him, if he does:” Rahul said.

Rahul Gandhi further said, “the BJP think that they are above the nation, in 3 months they will understand that nation is above them. The institutions in India does not belong to any party, they belong to the country, and to protect them is our responsibility, be it Congress or any other party.”

“Narendra Modi goes to Beijing and has a dialogue with Chinese government without any agenda. Chinese government realised Mr. 56 inch is not even 4 inches. This is Modi’s character, he bowed down to China in Doklam issue,” Rahul said.