Rahul Gandhi attacks PM Modi over Rafale deal, alleges Dassault Aviation paid “kickbacks” to Anil Ambani

Congress president Rahul Gandhi on Friday alleged that Dassault Aviation paid Rs.284 crore to Anil Ambani’s company as “first instalment of kickbacks” in the Rafale deal.

“Dassault CEO is lying, he is protecting only one man who is running the country, If an inquiry starts on this, Modi is not going to survive it. First, because of corruption and second it Is clear who the decision maker was, it was a deal done by Narendra Modi to give Anil Ambani Rs 30000 Cr,” said Rahul.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi personally took this decision. If an enquiry starts on this, Prime Minister Modi will not be able to survive.

“Dassault Aviation had recently stated that it selected Reliance Defence over Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL) because it had land. Rubbishing this, Rahul Gandhi said Ambani’s firm was preferred despite the fact that HAL had more land,” Rahul added.

Congress President said that Rafale deal is an open and shut case. CBI Director was removed because it was looking into these matters.

“Corruption has happened, and it is visibly clean. The first instalment of corruption of Rs. 284 crore has been cleanly proved, “Rahul said.

“The Modi government reduced the strength of the air force by reducing the number of planes in the Rafael deal, damaging the country’s coffers, captured the employment of the country’s youth. The advantage was Rafale Bribe Revealed only to him and his close capitalists,” Gandhi added.