Quality Hammer to hit corrupt employees in Haryana says CM

Past few years scenario in Haryana reveals that few government employees including officers feel accepting bribe is a part of their duty as such large number of scams of value worth crores of rupees in important developmental projects in the state were exposed attracting headlines in newspapers in past couple of years especially at Ambala, Faridabad, Gurugram, Karnal, Jind and Panchkula at the time when state government was facing  spread of epidemic outbreak in the state and was busy in saving the lives of victims suffering from disease, whereas, on the other hand few corrupt government employees were busy in collecting bribe. There is a long list of such developmental projects in which corrupt government employees released payments to contractors and suppliers on the basis of fake bills without work done or receipt of material. According to information, several such developmental projects are yet incomplete due to shortage of funds allocated for these projects still hanging on fire as a result of handful of corrupt government employees.

Information reveals, large number of officers as well as staff involved in corrupt practices in past sometime are now on the radar of Quality Assurance Hammer introduced by ruling government in the state likely to recover bribe amount along with dividends from corrupt employees. Ruling government in the state presently focusing on this vital issue in which people in the state have been deprived of benefits and facilities due delayed projects as a result of a handful of corrupt employees in government offices. While talking to media persons Haryana Chief Minister Manohar Lal Khatter said that all such cases have been referred to Alok Mittal Chief CID Haryana and Shatrujit Kapoor Chief of State Vigilance Bureau to investigate frauds and push all those behind bars involved in corruption.  

Khatter on receipt of large number of complaints has announced a   Quality Assurance Committee at Gurugram to bring transparency in developmental engineering projects in different sectors including education, health, irrigation, PWD, construction of roads and transport announced in the state which will function under direct control of Haryana Chief Secretary Sanjeev Kaushal to monitor entire functioning. He told that all government tenders as well as purchases will be made on line on a portal to bring transparency in procurements, avoid corruption as well as supply of sub-standard material. Khatter said, 174 developmental projects of value worth Rs 2000 crore have been announced recently in the state of September 4, 2022.