Protests at Sabarimala after two women attempt to enter Temple

Protests broke out at Sabarimala Temple on Wednesday morning after two women, tried to trek up to the hill shrine. The women – Reshma Nishanth and Shanila Rajesh were surrounded by a large number of protesters at Neelimala.

Police arrested five of the protestors who had blocked the women on the trekking path. With the protests mounted and situation turning worse, the police forcibly removed the two women. They were taken to safety in a vehicle

The two women are part of a nine-member group who were on their way to the temple. The group was stopped after they crossed the Pamba base camp.

On January 2, two women devotees, Bindu and Kanakdurga below the age of 50 entered the Sabarimala temple after the temple was opened to women between the age group of 10-50 following the Supreme Court verdict.

Following their entry, the head priest had shut the temple in order to perform the “purification” rituals.