Prevent pink eye by observing these simple precautions

By Dr. Devshlok Sharma

Director, JDS Homoeopathic Hospital, Jharsuguda

Nowadays, whoever you see, he is seen roaming around with redness in eyes and keeps inadvertently spreading it to others too. Current weather conditions are also playing a part in spreading the infection among the masses. 

In this article, we will know about the cause of conjunctivitis and how we can avoid it. In this disease, the white part of the eyes starts appearing red or pink. That’s why it is also called Pink Eye.

There are many types of conjunctivitis such as acute or chronic, viral conjunctivitis, bacterial conjunctivitis, allergic conjunctivitis and exposure to chemicals. The problem of conjunctivitis can occur due to the closure of the tear duct in newborns. It is a highly contagious condition, so prompt treatment is essential.


Conjunctivitis can be very uncomfortable, and in very rare cases it also affects vision. It is very contagious, and can spread very quickly to other people. If you develop these symptoms, the chances are that you have contracted the disease.

* Red or pink appearance of one or both eyes.
* Burning or itching in one or both eyes.
* Tearing more than usual.
* Watery or thick discharge from the eyes.
* Gritty feeling in the eyes.
* Swelling in the eyes.

These symptoms usually appear due to allergic conjunctivitis.

How can you get infection?
* Coming in contact with someone who has viral or bacterial conjunctivitis.
* Exposure to something you are allergic to (allergic conjunctivitis).
* Exposure to chemicals; like exposure to chlorine present in swimming pool water.
* Using contact lenses; especially wearing them continuously for a long time.

How to prevent it ?
To prevent the spread of conjunctivitis, it is most important to keep cleanliness, apart from this, also keep these things in mind:

* Do not touch your eyes with your hand.
* Wash your hands whenever necessary.
* Do not share your personal things like towel, pillow, eye cosmetics etc. with anyone.
* Wash your handkerchiefs, pillow covers, towels etc. daily.

Homeopathic medicine – You can take Belladonna 200 twice a day every morning and evening for a week. And if you have it, then keep on taking Euphrasia 200 tablets thrice a day until you get cured, if you take Euphrasia drops twice a day along with the medicine, you will see quick benefits. Take the medicine only on the advice of the doctor.