PM Narendra Modi releases Commemorative Coin of Rs. 350 to mark birth anniversary of Guru Gobind Singh

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday released a commemorative coin of Rs. 350 in the national capital to mark the birth anniversary celebrations of Guru Gobind Singh.

He lauded the lofty ideals and values of the Guru Gobind Singh – the selfless service to humanity, devotion, heroism and sacrifice and urged the people to follow his path.

The Prime Minister was addressing a select gathering at his residence after releasing the commemorative coin.

Modi said that Guru Gobind Singh was a great warrior, philosopher poet and guru. He fought against oppression and injustice. His teachings to people focused on breaking the barriers of religion and caste. His message of love, peace and sacrifice are equally relevant today. 

The Prime Minister said that Guru Gobind Singh, his values and teachings will continue to be the source of inspiration and the guiding spirit for the mankind in years to come. He added that the Commemorative Coin is a small effort on our part to show our respect and reverence to him.