PM Modi urges party workers to check spread of fake news on social media platforms

Ahead of the upcoming 2019 Lok Sabha polls, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on August 29 made an appeal to the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) workers to put a check on the spread of fake news on social media platforms.

He made an appeal to the BJP workers and supporters in his home constituency of Varanasi via NaMo App to reach out to the public and tell them about the work done by his government.

The PM further urged his party workers to use the social media platforms and make public aware about government’s vision and schemes.

The PM said, “The BJP workers could use social media to spread the government’s vision and schemes. The workers should also keep a check on the spreading of fake information on social media platforms.”

“People forward messages without checking the facts and without even realizing that how it could harm the society and the people,” PM Modi added.

During his address via NaMo App PM stressed on the need to create an atmosphere of positive news about the nation and share information that will strengthen the society as he lamented that a quarrel between two families in a ‘mohalla’ becomes national news nowadays.

While lauding his government’s initiatives and development he said that every village in India has now electricity, schools and toilets while the country has become the largest manufacturer of mobile phones.

He said, “These developments will fill every Indian with pride.”