PM Modi assures farmers MSP will continue, accuses opposition of spreading lies

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday strongly defended the farm laws that have triggered massive protests in the national capital. He accused the opposition of spreading lies and misguiding the farmers over the new agri laws.

The Prime Minister said, “I request all political parties with folded hands, please keep all the credit. I don’t want it. I am giving credit to all your old election manifestos. I just want ease in the life of farmers.”

“Farm laws have not been introduced overnight. Every government has discussed it extensively for the last 20-22 years,” Modi said while addressing farmers at the ‘Kisan Kalyan’ event in Raisen, Madhya Pradesh through video conferencing.

“Farmers’ organizations, agricultural experts, agricultural economists, agricultural scientists, progressive farmers of our country have also been continuously demanding improvement in the agriculture sector. In the last 6 years, our government has worked keeping in mind the needs of farmers,” Modi said.

Modi further said, “I assure every farmer of the country that like MSP was given earlier, it will continue to be given, MSP will not be closed, nor will it end.”

“The work that should have been done 25-30 years ago is happening now,” Modi added.

“Not a single market has been closed after the new law. Then why is this lie being spread? The truth is that our government is spending more than Rs 500 crores on modernizing APMC, computerization of them,” the Prime Minister said.