PM Modi addresses residents of newly electrified villages via video conferencing

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday alleged that The United Progressive Alliance (UPA) government failed miserably in providing electricity across the country, when was in power at the centre from 2004 to 2014,

Prime Minister was interacting through video conferencing with the villagers from different parts of India, whose houses have been electrified after his government came to power.

“In 2005, the then Congress government promised to electrify every village by 2009. The then president of the ruling party went a step ahead and said that they will bring electricity to every home. Needless to say, none of that happened during their long tenure,” Prime Minister Modi said.

He was saddened that after years of independence, still there are villages across the country that continue to live without electricity

“It has been 70 years since we attained independence, but 18,000 villages did not have electricity connections. This was quite unfortunate,” he said.

Prime Minister Modi praised NDA government for fulfilling not only its 2015 promise of providing electricity in various villages and towns but also reforming the distribution systems across the country.