Perplexed stone throwers caught unaware by J&K police

The Jammu and Kashmir Police today adopted a fresh strategy of getting hold of stone throwers by planting its men among them at historic Jama Masjid downtown to arrest the real culprits in action.

After the prayers on Friday, a mob started throwing stones at police and CRPF personnel but there was no retaliation this time and not even a single teargas shell was lobbed or baton charge initiated by the law enforcing force.

To the surprise of the two stone throwers, who were leading the mob, they were grabbed by policemen, covertly placed in the crowd, and whisked away in waiting vehicles. The policemen, who disguised as stone throwers, brandished toy guns to scare others while the duo were taken to the police station.

Perplexed by the development, the stone throwers ended the protest early today as they were caught unaware of the police strategy.

Earlier  this strategy was executed in 2010 when policemen were deployed in the mob to identify and arrested stone throwers in the area.