Tehelka’s Exclusive- People believe that I have taken money from Shah Rukh Khan: Dr Kafeel

Superstar Shah Rukh Khan’s latest movie Jawan has become a blockbuster. The entire Jawan film unit is basking  on the super success of their latest release, including actor Sanya Malhotra. The actress has also been receiving positive reviews for her performance in the Shah Rukh Khan starrer from all sides. Sanya played the role of a doctor in the film, who gets accused of multiple child deaths. Because it resembled so much to the 2017 Gorakhpur case of Dr Kafeel Khan, the actress was recently asked if the case was ever point of reference for the Atlee directorial. Replying to the same, the actress told Indian Express that she dosen’t know if it was inspired by someone. According to her, she used to surrender to the director’s vision on the set.

The actress also added that she got to know that  Dr Kafeel tweeted about it. She added she feels very fortunate to have played a character like Eeram. According to her, it is a very important message that they are trying to give out. According to the book The Gorakhpur Hospital Tragedy written by Dr Kafeel Khan, he was the Junior-most lecturer at the college’s paediatrics department at the time, but he went to great lengths to secure oxygen cylinders, perform emergency treatment and rally the staff to prevent as many deaths a possible- a track eerily similar to that of Sanya Malhotra in the film.

What is the truth ? Is Sanya Malhotra’s character in Shah Rukh Khan Starrer ‘Jawan’ inspired by Dr Kafeel Khan ? To unearth the truth, Dr Kafeel Khan came down to Delhi, to meet Tehelka reporter and answered all the questions related with the movie ‘Jawan’. The edited excerpts of his interview are given below.

 Q 1. Was Sanya Malhotra’s character in SRK starrer Jawan Inspired by you or it’s a co-incidence ?

The charcter of Sanya Malhotra in the movie Jawan is not a co-incidence, it is being inspired by me. Although nobody from the film unit approached me during the making of Jawan. But Dr Kafeel Khan said that he has written a book, The Gorakhpur Hospital Tragedy. And he has distributed his book in the bollywood. May be the character has been taken from there.

Q 2. When did you come to know about your incident being mentioned in the movie Jawan ?

The day movie released. From the same evening I started getting calls from my friends and family members. My phone kept ringing whole night. Media persons also started calling me for my versions. Social media  was also flooded with the messages for me from my well wishers.

Q 3. Were you approached by the film unit during the making of the movie Jawan ?

Frankly speaking nobody from the film unit approached me during the making of jawan.

Q 4. Your feelings after watching movie Jawan ?

I recently watched the movie. It has become a world wide hit. I am very happy that my character has also become world wide hit. What else I want from the God. Shah Rukh Khan has given me a massive platform, and have shown courage to mentioned my incident in the film.

Q 5. Did Uttar Pradesh Government approached you after the Jawan release ?

They didn’t approached me directly. A local Intelligence Unit [LIU ] of the state approached my family in Uttar Pradesh asking about my whereabouts etc.

Q 6. People say that you got money from Shah Rukh Khan for the movie ?

People thought that I took money from the filmmaker to give my story in the film. Some say I took 3 crore other say 5 crore. People are sending messages on the social media that I took money from Shah Rukh Khan to give my story. But truth is I took no money. Neither did I knew that my incident will be mentioned in the film.

Q 7. Have you written a letter of thanks to Shah Rukh Khan ?

Yes I recently I have written a letter to Shah Rukh Khan, thanking him for taking his incident in the movie Jawan. Along with the letter I have sent my book also to Shah Rukh Khan. I am waiting for his reply.

Q 8. Are you getting any offer to contest forthcoming assemblies elections ?

I have contested one election and lost. I will never going to contest any other election. Its an expensive affair. Without money elections are impossible in India. I lost all my money in one election. I will not going to contest any future elections.

Q 9. Why you are not staying in your home state Uttar Pradesh ?

I am not staying in Uttar Pradesh because I feel threatened in the state. My children also don’t feel secure there. So I have decided to move out from the state with my family. My brother and mother still lives in Uttar Pradesh.

Q 10. How you are earning you living ?

I am jobless since years now. My elder brother is taking care of me.