PDP expels senior party leader Altaf Bukhari for ‘anti-party activities’

Mehbooba Mufti-led People’s Democratic Party (PDP) on Saturday expelled senior party leader Altaf Bukhari for “anti-party activities”.

The statement issued by the PDP on Saturday stated that, “Party today expelled Altaf Bukhari from the party for his anti-party activities. Party has been watching with concern the activities of Altaf Bukhari for quite some time and thereby stands expelled from the basic membership of party.”

The party alleged that, “Bukhari inspired and led dissent in the party at its most crucial stage which caused serious damage to party’s efforts at implementing the agenda of the government. While the party leadership was engaged in negotiations with its partner and the government of India, insisting on implementing some agreed points before forming the new government, the dissension weakened its bargaining position forcing subsequent events against its will.”

Responding to his expulsion from the PDP, former Jammu and Kashmir finance minister, Altaf Bukhari on Saturday said he was “happy” over the party’s decision.

Bukhari said while he was happy over the party’s decision, “the reasons given for my expulsion are debatable”.

“I am happy for this decision of the party as my conscience is clean and I never compromised on my principles.  I wish the J&K PDP all the very best!” Bukhari said in a statement.