Over 16000 women identified falsely getting ‘Vidhwa Pension’ in Haryana

It was only due to Parivar Pehchan Patra (PPP) scheme introduced by Haryana state government more than 16000 women were detected falsely claiming Vidhwa Pension due to husband’s death or got married again after the death of their husband. PPP scheme have proved beneficial to stop corruption in these frauds but also in various other sectors in the state. According to data available on PPP portal more than 16000 women in the state were found falsely getting Vidhwa Pension from Social Justice and Rights department making claim after the death of their husband, whereas according to PPP data as well as verification conducted there after it was observed that after the death of husband they got married against and enjoying married life thus falsely claiming pension as such it was immediately stopped.  

According to Vidhwa Pension scheme by social welfare department in the state, amount worth Rs 2500 each is being provided by the government towards Vidhwa Pension to widows whereas many of these were found falsely claiming the same or got married again and according to data available on PPP portal the name of their husband as well as other family members was there and during survey in large number of cases most the women were found married again and leading a happy life but falsely getting pension amount from the government. According to a senior officer of the department, it is now difficult for the government to get refund for the pension amount already paid in such a large number of cases, however the same has been discontinued with immediate effect and the amount will be adjusted from their old-age pension scheme in which state government allows old-age pension to those having annual income less than Rs 2000 after the age 60 for which complete data has been safely preserved in records. There are nearly 23000 such persons identified in the state at present.

Talking to media persons  recently Om Parkash Yadav State Minister told that nearly 27 lakh women in Haryana state are availing Vidhwa Pension every month are linked with PPP scheme and the data of their families is available on PPP portal and it was observed that nearly three lakh persons in the state have been found having annual income less than 3.5 lakh as such their pension scheme was discontinued. Yadav told that according to PPP portal information the widow pension of over 16000 women in the state was discontinued since according to available data and survey they were found spending happy married life and their pension was discontinued immediately.