On the occasion of International Yoga Day: PM Modi Leads Celebrations in Ranchi

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday participated in a Mass Yoga Demonstration at Ranchi, on the occasion of International Yoga Day.

“Let our motto be Yoga for peace, harmony and progress”, exhorted the Prime Minister as he commenced his address, shortly before the Yoga session.

Greeting everyone on the occasion, he complimented media personnel, and those associated with social media, for the key role they have played in spreading the message of Yoga.

PM Modi said that he now wants to take the message of modern Yoga, from the cities to the villages, and to the homes of the poor and tribal communities. He emphasized that Yoga must become part of the lives of the poor and the tribals, because they suffer the most on account of illness.

Modi said, “Yoga is not accomplished merely by the activities that we perform for a while on the ground or the mat. He said Yoga implies discipline and dedication, and this must be practiced throughout our lives.”

Modi said awareness of yoga has reached every corner and every class of India. “From drawing rooms to board rooms, from parks to sports complexes. We can see yoga from streets to wellness centres. Yoga has caught the imagination of people,” he added.

“Yoga transcends the barriers of age, colour, caste, community, thought, sect, rich or poor, State, and border,” he added.

For centuries, the essence of Yoga has remained the same: healthy body, stable mind, spirit of oneness. Yoga provides a perfect blend of knowledge, work and devotion, he said.

Numerous Union ministers, leaders of the BJP and other top government functionaries, including Home Minister Amit Shah and Defence Minister Rajnath Singh are participating in similar events across the nation.