On-line drug licensing system launched in Haryana: Anil Vij

Addressing a gathering of all drug manufacturers in the state at the seminar organized by Haryana Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Association Haryana Home & Health Minister Anil Vij said, Haryana state is a right choice  for those willing to set up industry in the country having no labour problem, lesser criminal activities by anti-social elements, corruption free assistance provided by the government to entrepreneurs willing to set up new industry in the state.

Among those present at the occasion were Rajeev Arora Additional Chief Secretary, Rajiv Rattan Commissioner Food & Drugs Administration Department, State Drug Controller Manmohan Taneja and office-bearers of Haryana Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Association R.L. Sharma President, Rajeev Aggarwal Senior Vice President, Yogesh Midha & Nitin Gupta Vice Presidents,  Raman Kumar Gupta, Rajiv Vaid and Shelly Khanna.

Vij said, the prosperity of a country depends upon industry as such government of our country providing full support to those willing to set up industry. He further added that Haryana state assisting industry in the state famous for production of pharmaceuticals in past years but large number of pharmaceutical manufacturers had shifted their manufacturing units to neighbouring Himachal Pradesh, Uttaranchal and other states attracted by special packages offered to them, but after implementation of GST large number of such manufacturing units shifted back to Haryana state.

Anil Vij also announced launching of on-line National drug licensing systems and also providing status to applicants of all types of licenses in pharmaceutical sector including licenses required for retail and wholesale  of pharmaceutics products.