Omar slams harassment of guests at Iftar by Indian High Commission

Former J&K Chief Minister and the Vice president of  National Conference Omar Abdullah has criticised Pakistan for harassment of guests at an Iftar party hosted by the Indian High Commission in Islamabad teeming it “stupid tit for tat diplomacy”.
“Stupid tit for tat diplomacy. It was stupid when we did it outside the Pakistani High Commission in New Delhi & it’s stupid when it’s done outside our’s in Islamabad. Now that it’s 1-1 perhaps it’s time to move on & stop this nonsense,” Omar wrote on Twitter.
On Saturday evening, guests invited to the Indian High Commission’s Iftar party in Islamabad  faced  harassment due to  security checks by the Pakistani officials who stopped some invitees .
Indian High Commissioner Ajay Bisaria hosted the annual event at Serena Hotel for which guests were invited from all over Pakistan.
Invitees to the event said additional security deployment was made around the luxury hotel.
Speaking at the event, Indian High Commissioner Ajay Bisaria confirmed the incident and also apologised to those who had been subjected to extra scrutiny.
The Pakistan High Commission in India reported a similar incident last week as guests arriving for an Iftar reception were allegedly harassed by Indian security personnel.