Nuh Violence: Situation limps back to normal in Sohna, admin permitted opening of market

Gurugram/Nuh  : In order to maintain peace and law and order in the Sohna area of Gurugram, a meeting of the Peace Committee was held under the chairmanship of deputy commissioner Gurugram Nishant Kumar Yadav in Sohna area of Gurugram on Tuesday.

Sohna MLA Sanjay Singh and former MLA Tejpal Tanwar along with enlightened people of Hindu and Muslim society also participated in this meeting organized at the Tourist Complex of Haryana Tourism Department, Sohna.

In the meeting, both sides assured to maintain peace and harmony in the region.

During the meeting the DC said, the situation normalized in Sohna, and on the demand of the Peace Committee, the district administration permitted to open of the market in Sohna.

The administration formed a committee comprising 20 members each from the two communities. The committee will help in enforcing peace and harmony.

DC Nishant Kumar Yadav insisted on establishing a dialogue with the people of Hindu and Muslim society with the general public to keep the law and order peaceful in the area in view of the Nuh episode.

The DC said that the only way to prevent the spread of communal frenzy in the area was to ignore rumours.

The DC appealed to the citizens to ignore the rumours and maintain peace and tolerance and help the administration in maintaining law and order.

“The situation is now normal in the Sohna area. So we gave consent to open the market on the demand of the committee members amid normalcy in Sohna,” he said.

In the meeting, the members of the committee also demanded compensation for the people affected by the arson and vandalism that happened on Monday evening.

“The assessment report of the persons and institutions affected by the incident is being prepared by the district administration. Soon it will be sent to the government,” he said.

The DC said that if any objectionable post is posted by any person or organization, legal action will be taken against it as per the rules.

He said that no one should spread any kind of false rumour on social media platforms. If anyone spreads rumours on social media or makes any wrong comment about anyone’s religion or caste, then the police will take strict action on that.

DCP Headquarters Deepak Gehlawat appealed to both communities that the incident that happened in Sohna in the context of Nuh clashes. If you have any information regarding him, immediately inform the police so that legal action can be taken against the guilty person.

“We appealed to the general public that if any anti-social element, suspicious person or vehicle is seen around you or in any emergency, immediately report it to the concerned police station or dial 112. The name of the informer will be kept secret. Besides this, a number of police forces have deployed at key locations in Sohna to maintain peace and law and order in the Sohna area, a flag march was taken out by the police in the city,” Gehlawat told to media.

The flag march was taken out under the chairmanship of DC Nishant Kumar Yadav and DCP Deepak Gehlawat on Tuesday. This flag march was taken out through all the square intersections, and major markets of Sohna city till the Nuh border on the Gurugram-Sohna-Alwar highway.

DCP South Siddhant Jain, Sohna SDM Pradeep Singh and many senior officers of the district administration were present in the meeting.

Apart from this, the police said, 5 vehicles, 01 auto, 01 shop and 04 roadside shops were set on fire by a crowd of around 200-250 protesters at Ambedkar Chowk Sohna at around 6 pm on Monday.

Law and order were restored by pelting stones and the peace was disrupted. Taking action against the disturbance as per the rules, an FIR has been registered by the police in this regard.

Meanwhile, the family of deceased home guards Neeraj and Gursev, who lost their lives in Nuh violence will be provided with Rs 57 lakh each by the Haryana police.