‘No Jobs. Demonetisation, Violence, Lies’: Rahul Gandhi asks people to vote wisely

As the voting began for 91 constituencies for the Lok Sabha Elections 2019, the political parties started tweeting to voters asking them to come out in large numbers and vote.

Congress president Rahul Gandhi launched an attack on the Modi government through his tweet.

“No 2 Crore JOBS. No 15 Lakhs in Bank A/C. No ACCHE DIN. Instead: No JOBS. DEMONETISATION. Farmers in Pain. GABBAR SINGH TAX. Suit Boot Sarkar. RAFALE. Lies. Lies. Lies. Distrust. Violence. HATE. Fear. You vote today for the soul of India. For her future. Vote wisely,” Rahul tweeted.

Congress also put out a message on its official Twitter account.

“Today you decide. Love over hate. Jobs over pakoda. Policies over propaganda. One nation over division. Vote for Congress. Vote for you. Today you pledge,” the Congress tweeted.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi today urged first-time voters to turn up at polling booths in large numbers.

“2019 Lok Sabha elections commence today. I call upon all those whose constituencies are voting in the first phase today to turn out in record numbers and exercise their franchise. I specially urge young and first-time voters to vote in large numbers,” Modi tweeted.

BJP president Amit Shah took to his twitter account and tweeted, “As the voting for the first phase of the 2019 Lok Sabha elections will begin today, i request each and every voter to come out and vote. The power of democracy lies in your single vote, your one vote will decide the future of this great nation.”