Nitin Gadkari to inaugurate and lay foundation stone of six NH projects in Rajasthan

Union Minister for Road Transport and Highways Nitin Gadkari will on Saturday inaugurate three national highway projects and lay the foundation stones for three others at Jodhpur in Rajasthan.

“The six National Highways projects together are worth Rs 5379 crore,” the statement said.

The projects for laying of foundation stone include widening of Dangiyavas-Keru-Nagaur section of Jodhpur Ring Road, Gagariya-Bawri Kalan-Sedwa-Bakhasar section of NH-925 and Sata-Gandhav section of NH-925A and widening of Munabav-Sundra-Myajlar-Dhanana-Asutar-Ghotaru-Tanot section of NH-70.

“These projects have a total length of 545.456 kms and involve a cost of Rs 3631.20 crore,” it added.

The projects which Gadkari would inaugurate include widening of Jaisalmer-Barmer section of NH-68, Barmer-Sanchor-Gujarat Border (up to Gandhav Bridge) section of NH-68 and Falodi-Jaisalmer section of NH-15 (New NH-11).

“These projects have a total length of 398.171 kms and with a cost of Rs 1,747.54 crore,” it said.

“The projects will contribute towards economic upliftment of western Rajasthan, improve the security scenario with better connectivity with border areas and improve connectivity between districts, tehsils and villages,” the statement said.