New Year and Covid Fear

By Mahie JK

New Year is round the corner and the cases of Corona virus has also started emerging in the country. The Medical experts and the doctors are advising people to take precautionary measures. The Government is also appealing the citizens to follow the Covid protocols. But the question is, whether there is any need to get panic?

Currently the new coronavirus variant which is detected in some countries has ignited fear and chaos in the country. After China and South Korea, the BF-7 variant of the new virus has also arrived in India now. But as the year is coming to an end most of the people in India have planned New Year parties. Some are going to the Pubs, Clubs etc while some are parting with their friends and family at home.  But due to rise in the cases, people are worried as to whether they should continue with the party or postpone it. Gaurav Shukla , an employ of an advertising company in Gurgaon had planned a New year party in a pub on 31st night, but now he feels that he should drop this idea as cases are increasing day by day.

The Experts of the Medical fraternity feel that people should not fear but must follow the Covid protocol. According to the Professors of AIIMS, if one is suffering from cold or cough, or facing some allergy problem for them the idea of party is not good. If your health is good and you have taken the vaccines you can enjoy the New- year party by following Covid appropriate behavior. The precautions to be taken are

  1. Wear proper face mask
  2. Properly Vaccinated
  3. Social Distancing
  4. Using Hand Sanitizers
  5. Parting in an open area.

“It’s always better to plan a party at home rather than to go outside “, I feel safe at home says Shubhi Mishra a student of Jaypee Institute Noida . Yes we can organize a party at home, wear fashionable clothes, arrange delicious food and enjoy melodious music , rather than to go outside and face a risk of infection, says Rieyanshi ,a student of  Engineering College. The government has set an alert in other states also. It is not that the risk of infections is limited to metro cities. The other State governments are also taking precautionary measures in the New Year. The Chief Ministers of Goa, Uttarakhand, Kerela, Uttar Pradesh, Odisha, Madhya Pradesh Delhi and  West Bengal, etc. have also appealed tourists to get a booster dose done, before coming to their states. They have appealed people to wear mask, avoid crowed places, and maintain social distancing.  So they can enjoy the New Year evening without any fear.