NEP aims at making India Self- Reliant: PM Modi

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday addressed the inaugural session of Governors’ Conference on National Education Policy. The session was attended by President Ram Nath Kovind, along with Governors & Lt. Governors of various states, UTs & Vice-Chancellors of all the State Universities.

Speaking on the occasion, the Prime Minister said Education policy and education system are important means of fulfilling the aspirations of the country. 

The Prime Minister said that though the responsibility of education lies with the Central, State and Local level Governments, their interference in the policymaking should be minimal. He said the relevance and comprehensiveness of the education policy will increase when more and more teachers, parents and students will be associated with it. He added that the New Education Policy was drafted after receiving feedback from millions of people living in the city and villages in the country and from those related to the education sector. He said that now everyone including teachers and educationists are owning up to the policy. 

The Prime Minister said there is an all-round acceptance of the policy and that there is a feeling that the reforms should have been introduced in the previous education policy itself. He appreciated that there is a healthy debate on the policy and that it is necessary as the NEP is not only directed at reforming the education system but also at giving a new direction to the social and economic fabric of 21st century India. He said the policy aims at making India Self- Reliant or AatmaNirbhar. 

Prime Minister said the policy aims at making the youth future-ready in a fast-changing scenario. He said this policy was designed to prepare the youth of the country on both fronts with knowledge and skills as per the requirements of the future. 

He added the new education policy focuses on Learning rather than Studying and goes beyond Curriculum and emphasizes Critical Thinking. He said there is more emphasis is given on Passion, Practicality and Performance than Process. He said the new education policy focuses on learning outcomes and teacher training and empowering every student. 

He said that the new education policy aims at making India a Knowledge Economy in the 21st century. He added the new education policy also allows for offshore campuses of the top international universities in India which will address the issue of  Brain Drain.

The PM said that there is an effort in the country now on how to implement the new policy. He added that the suggestions of all the stakeholders are being heard with an open mind to resolve all apprehensions. He said that this education policy is not the education policy of the government but the education policy of the country.

The PM said that the National Education Policy provides for the rapidly changing times.  He said technology is providing a level playing field in addressing the regional and social imbalance and is having a great impact on education.  

He said efforts are being made that every aspect of higher education- academic, technical, vocational etc be taken out of silos.

Prime Minister called for implementing the NEP-2020 in Letter and Spirit.